How to Avoid Fraudulent Psychics

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The jury is still out on whether or not psychics actually exist. But let’s face the facts here: No authority in its right mind could possibly ever admit that psychic ability is a real phenomenon. If they did, then the door is suddenly wide open for every other “myth” to find root in fact.

So the naysayers in the psychic field are always going to be numerous. The important thing for believers is to ignore the skeptics. We live in a very strange and unexplainable universe. What you believe is personal to you; and if it works for you, more power to you.

However, believing in psychic ability may also leave you susceptible to fraud out there. For every person or method with a genuine ability to predict events, there are a thousand fakes out there looking to take you for a ride. Before you decide to seek any sort of psychic advice whatsoever, make sure that you can trust the source.

Let’s talk about how you can avoid being burned by any psychic out there.

Put in the Research

Psychics, mystics, fortune tellers, the list goes on and on – millions of people out there claim to have the ability to predict the future for you in some form or another. Before you decide to proceed with any psychic method, you need to put in the research to make sure the source is reputable.

With psychic research, it’s a little trickier to find trustworthy sources. A lot of reviews and people attesting to a psychic’s ability are paid-for shills. What you need to do is find personal blogs, forums and communities and speak with people unaffiliated with the particular psychic. Find skeptics who were turned into believers; they’re always the most credible.

Keep Your Personal Info Personal

One of the greatest “tricks” fake psychics perform is logical deduction and information phishing. For example: Let’s say you’re going to an event where a psychic is speaking on the stage. As you’re entering the building, you may be met by a buffer. This person will acquire personal details about you – age, marital status, living situation, any recent losses, etc. You might simply think you’re in a conversation with another attendee, speaking in confidence, but this info will be relayed to the psychic.

Be sure that you tell no one your personal information, whether you’re calling in, visiting via a website, or attending a live event. If the person is truly a psychic, they won’t need your personal details.

Above all, however, make sure that you are not rushing into this. Most people seeking psychic help are down on their luck in some form or another. They’re usually depressed, desperate, suffering greatly, and this makes them susceptible to fakes.

Approach this with a clear head, pay careful attention, and always be cautious about handing over any money.