Clairvoyant medium psychic reading

Clairvoyant medium psychic readingThere is something of a misconception about clairvoyant medium psychic reading, in that they are technically different disciplines. Clairvoyance is different from being a medium, which is different from being psychic.

People who are clairvoyant by definition, can ‘see clearly’. This means that they should be able to see into the life of the person consulting them. A clairvoyant should be able to see into the past, present and future of a person. Indeed, in order to prove themselves, they should be able to at least provide enough information about the person they are consulting to establish some legitimacy. Whether clairvoyants speak about the future in depth appears to be a personal choice.

Mediums are best described as channels. A medium can channel the spirit of someone who has passed over to the other side and help them communicate with family members or loved ones here on the side of the living. So mediums cannot necessarily “see” the people/spirits/energies with which they are communicating. Clairvoyant medium psychic reading now seems to take on a whole different meaning, when we begin to unlock the different meanings of all these disciplines.

Psychics are people who work on feelings. They can read your energy and make predictions based on that. By responding to the energy you give off, or even the energies given off by people you know who may have passed away, they can provide you with valuable information.

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